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We are committed to providing South Tampa with exceptional chiropractic care.


At Sunset Chiropractic in Tampa, FL we focus 100% on our practice members. We want to help you learn more about your body's healing potential for optimal function - and most of all we are passionate about what we do.

Michelle spent most of her life in Florida, growing up between Bradenton and Tampa. Michelle developed a passion for health at a young age. She was always involved in sports in some way and found that teaching others about health and fitness was her passion in life. As she learned more about Chiropractic and it’s role in a healthy life, she quickly fell in love with all that Chiropractic care had to offer. Now, she is fervent about educating the South Tampa community on a higher level of health and how Chiropractic can lay the foundation for a healthier, happier life.
DAISY CUNNINGHAMChiropractic Assistant
Daisy jumped all-in to Chiropractic after completing her bachelor's degree in Tampa, FL. Since learning about Chiropractic, she has seen positive changes in her own life an d in the lives of our practice members! She is living and educating on the true meaning of health through principled Chiropractic.
JACKIE RAYChiropractic Assistant
Jackie has been helping others change their lives through Chiropractic for over 2 years, and has made the transition to Sunset Chiropractic. She exudes joy and happiness to anyone around her, and she loves playing a part in Holisitic healthcare!

More about Dr. Jeff Moody

Dr. Jeff Moody was born and raised in Tampa, FL. Growing up as an athlete, Dr. Jeff began to suffer from various issues including low back pain, a weakened immune system, headaches and TMJ. After visiting a Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff began to learn that true health was about how the body functions and not just about how the body feels. After consistent Chiropractic care he began to see improved function in his body by finding the root cause of his health issues. He quickly realized that Chiropractic was a way that he could make a big impact on the health of his community. After completing his undergraduate education in Tampa, Dr. Jeff moved to Dallas, TX to pursue Chiropractic school at Parker University. He graduated in 2017 and jumped all in to the Tampa Bay community by founding Sunset Chiropractic in South Tampa with his wife, Michelle.

Sunset Chiropractic Values

Our mission is to humbly serve the people of Tampa Bay through principled chiropractic care by restoring the health and healing potential to all members of the family. We strive to help create healthier and happier generations of families living to their full potential.

Our vision is to become a known leader of healthcare in the Tampa Bay community by setting a higher standard of health and serving with excellence.

We promise to always keep family first. Your family is our family at Sunset Chiropractic.



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Sunset Chiropractic in Tampa, FL

Chiropractic adjustments really helped our youngest daughter. We saw a noticeable difference after a few sessions with Dr. Moody. I recommend chiropractic care for general wellness and believe everyone should seek it.


I didn't know what to expect seeing a chiropractor for the first time, but Dr. Moody made it a great experience. I'm so happy I chose Sunset Chiropractic. They treated me like family and were very informative throughout my visit. I would definitely recommend them.


I've been searching for non-drug or surgery alternatives for a few years before coming to Sunset Chiropractic. I came into Dr. Moody's office a few times and knew I chose the right practice for my care. He was able to understand my needs and develop a plan to get my health back. Best thing I've done!


Dr. Moody has been a great help to our family. His chiropractic care for my son, husband and I has been exceptional. He's great with all ages..


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